Leadership Appreciation Month Fun

Contest Instructions

Prizes will be given away at the end of SOS Leadership Month.  The contest is two part and below are the directions:
1) name every person on the collage
     – every Tuesday the call facilitator;
        may tell the name of a person
        on the collage
2) the facilitator may select from the salutes
     shared on Tuesday and you will need to 
     jot down the question and notate the 
At the end of the month, all partipants will be asked to send their answer sheet to urepic2@gmail.com. Three winners will be announced Tuesday Nov 2nd. 
Note:  We will be using the honor system.  We request that those included on the Leaders Group Text not assist with answers.

Prayer Network Donation Information

  • Lessie Thompson
       Zelle……. 915-356-0448
  • Bertha Brooks
       Zelle……. 214-212-1314
  • Renee Williams/Debbie Christopher  – 
       CashApp or PayPal…….wwprayer@aol.com
  • Mike Winfrey
       CashApp……. $PastorMic
  • Karen Allen
       PayPal ……. ksallen368@gmail.com
  • Karen Henderson
  • Please send all other donations  to SOS and note recipients name and amount
       CashApp: $sosenrichment
       PayPal: info@sosenrichment.org