In Christ

Through Prayer and Community Outreach

The acronym is EPIC - Encouraging. People. In Christ.

Being Kingdom of God servants we are equipped to assist primarily through prayer as well as credible referrals to ministry or professional connections worldwide.

Prayer networks help grow your faith
while building strong relationships

Educators Call “2” Action Prayer Call

Sunday Morning Prayer Call

Victory Focused Living

Warfare Wednesday

Thank God for Friday

Morning Glory

Midnight Oil

Love, Victory and Truth

El Paso Virtual Prayer Wall

Divine Health

Brothers of Spirit


Community Enrichment Conferences

Helping supplement the development of local faith-based organization volunteers.


The community enrichment conferences are scheduled to return in the middle to end of 2022. We will post more details as we solidify plans and more. 

In-Person & Virtual Workshops


Online training & resources


Network of vendors & partners


What They Say

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SOS had been an inspiration to me. I have seen the Prayer Leaders unselfishly give years of dedication, commitment, and loyal service to their community. SOS Conferences provide excellent opportunities for people to receive encouragement aimed to enrich them spiritually, physically, and professionally.

B. Brooks

It is a great honor and privilege to witness how SOS Enrichment, Inc bands with you people together in various communities to host the YES Conference. May they continue doing GREAT things!

L. Thompson

For over a decade, The Prayer Network has helped us live the lyrics, "In the Morning When I Rise, Give me Jesus" and the words of Matthew 6:33, See y first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Calls are addictive with no negative side effects.

Pastor D. Young

    We Use the Support of 3,4500 People & Businesses to Reach More People & Change Lives

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    November - Open House

    Time for our Annual November Open House. A free opportunity to tell us about your faith-based ministry and/or business.

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