About Us

Who We Are

SOS (help) Enrichment, Inc. is a dynamic non-profit ministry, entrusted with the mantle to Encourage People in Christ (EPIC)!

We are a three part ministry that consists of S.O.S. (Sisters of Spirit), B.O.S. (Brothers of Spirit), and Y.E.S. (Young Excited Saints).

SOS Enrichment Inc has been encouraging people since 2002 with compelling conferences, national prayer networks, and community outreach.

Every weekday morning and at other scheduled times, the ministry encourages a relationship with God by inviting men and women of all ages to band together via prayer conference calls.


We supplement the development of local faith based organization volunteers by hosting community enrichment conferences.


We realize that our bodies are God's temple. Therefore, we educate on nutrition and physical exercise to enhance our positive image.


We accredit our successes and accomplishments to our relationship with God.

In March 2002, Linda Kirk invited ten friends to a weekend getaway at the scheduled resort in Texas. Each person had a zeal for God, but was tapped out spiritually, physically, and professionally. During this time, they were able to spend uninterrupted quality time basking in the presence of the Lord. Everyone emerged from this retreat refreshed and energized. Thus began Sisters of Spirit.

The group formalized the organization into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity named SOS Enrichment, Inc. whose aspirations are to support and encourage people in Christ by taking the mega conference dynamics to non-metro locations. 

The first SOS Enrichment Conference took place in El Paso, TX during May 2005. The meeting was based on John 14:12 and entitled “Sisters Banding Together for Greater Works.”

In November 2008, SOS traveled to St Croix, Virgin Islands and hosted the STX Leadership Conference for its residents and neighboring communities.

Our History


“In March 2001, Linda Kirk invited ten friends from different cities to a weekend retreat hosted at a resort in the Hill Country of Texas. Each person had a zeal for God, but was tapped out either spiritually, physically or professionally. This getaway purposed quality time to bask in Gods presence, and Elders encouraged us to trust him for the next level in every area of our lives. Every person emerged with clarity that being servants every area of our lives belonged to God, and all had a greater fervor for the Kingdom of God. ”

2002 - 2004

The ministry grew as attendees from the first year paid it forward, sponsoring relatives and friends to attend an encouraging SOS (Sisters Of Spirit) annual Spring retreat. While Evangelist Esther Smith was ministering the topic ‘Launching Into the Deep,’ she prophesied that the ministry would expand into communities. When we were physically distanced from each other a monthly prayer call was hosted to continue to encourage communing with God until we returned to the next in person session.

2005 - 2014

“SOS (Sisters Of Spirit) formalizes a 501(C)(3) non-profit with the legal name of SOS Enrichment, Inc. Our vision now focused on bringing the mega-conference dynamic of inspired speakers, dove and stellar award gospel artists, stage plays, Christian comedians, etc., to non-metro areas. May 2005 SOS hosted an Enrichment Conference in El Paso, TX, entitled ‘Banding Together for Greater Works.’ Sessions were also made available for youth, teens, and young adults. November 2008, we proposed that the St Croix, Virgin Islands Leadership Conference focus on the same topic of ‘Banding Together for Greater Works.’ And sessions were also made available for men. October 2013 two prayer ministries; SOS Morning Glory and Warfare Wednesday hosted calls, Tuesday thru Thursday, forming the SOS Prayer Network.”

2015 - 2020

“The first word of the non-profit name is adapted to SOS meaning help. And SOS (help) Enrichment Inc, would be the parent name to services provided by:

  • SOS (Sisters of Spirit) Enrichment Conferences
  • BOS (Brothers of Spirit) Enrichment Conferences
  • YES (Young Excited Saints) Enrichment Conferences
  • SOS Prayer Network

Other prayer calls banded with the Prayer Network making prayer available every weekday and select weekends being EPIC (Encouraging People In Christ). Since 2016 the ministry host an annual prayer vigil for the 50 States in the US and the US Virgin Islands. This area of the ministry was resilient before, during an after the pandemic relying on God as our refuge, strength and fortress.”

2021 - 2022

“During the season of social distancing we added a virtual ZOOM session to the SOS Prayer Network Open House. This is hosted in November as our ministry provides a free opportunity for family and friends to present their Christian ministries or businesses.

Prayer is essential on earth as it is in heaven. People who call in daily develop a consistent prayer life, this results from:

  • hearing an encouraging word daily
  • learning from others GEM (Gods Eternal Messages),
  • the sharing of testimonies,
  • and strengthens ones faith as they believe God for others prayer

Our reach as a network is diverse men, women, sick/shut-in, care-givers, virtual prayer walls, and the education mountain of influence. With prayer as our springboard our heart to enrich is not only to inspire, but to empower by adding segments of:

  • Business Development
  • STAR camp coaching: acting, dancing, modeling, and sports
  • Healing Society – open talks about mental health
    and social sensitivity topics