Announcements for the week of January 8, 2023

Blessed 2023 New Year!

Thanks for praying for the SOS Prayer Network January 2023 Revival

Theme: The Army Of God Taking Position On Our Knees – Intercessors

This weeks sub-topic: Be Violent and Take It By Force!


7 AM CST Mon: Min. Lynda Taylor

7 AM CST Tues: Sis. Gwen Young

7AM CST Wed: Min. Debbie Christopher

7 AM CST Thurs: Dr. Karen Allen

6:15 AM CST Fri: Min. Carmen Reliford

7 AM CST Fri: Dr. Gladys Emerson

9 AM CST Sat: New Spanish call Prayer Leader Hortencia Torres

7PM CST Sat: Evangelist Marilyn Johnson (fasting 1-7PM CST)

7AM CST Sun: Time of worship


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