Like a Child Trust God’s Blessings Upon America Forevermore!

In a land blessed, with freedom’s embrace,

We seek solace, in God’s infinite grace.

Let humility guide us, as we bow our heads,

Seeking forgiveness, where love’s light spreads.

For in our unity, lies the power to heal,

To bridge the divides, and unity reveal.

When we turn from darkness, to goodness’ embrace,

God’s love and mercy, shall shower in grace.

May our prayers be lifted, like incense to the sky,

As we seek His guidance, with earnest cries.

In repentance, we find strength to rise,

Transforming hearts, with love that never dies.

For in God’s hands, lies our nation’s fate,

As we strive to be just, and never abate.

With His love as our compass, we shall endure,

God bless America, steadfast and sure.



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