Linda Kirk

Visionary & Founder of SOS Enrichment Inc.

LINDA KIRK is the Visionary and Founder of SOS (help) Enrichment Inc. She is a native of El Paso, Texas. 

In her marketplace assignment, she works in the field of Banking and Technology, possessing a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and two Bachelor’s of Science degrees in Finance and Management, with a minor in Accounting.

Linda models what it means to be EPIC, encouraging people in Christ to move to their next level: spiritually, physically, and professionally. The work of the Kingdom is Linda’s primary focus, as God is entrusting her to expand the “mantle of Greater Works worldwide.”  

Additionally, Linda serves as an intercessor with the More Than Conquerors Faith Church in Birmingham, Alabama, led by Apostle/Pastor Steve Green. 

In 2013, SOS received the Community Service Award by Epitome magazine. SOS has hosted Enrichment Conferences in non-metro vicinities for:

SOS has a Prayer Network with prayer calls every day. This network hosts corporate prayer every day. You can get additional information from the website at