The Holy Spirit Makes No Mistakes

This past week I was completing work assessments, that required a 100% passing score. I didn’t pass the first time, good thing the retry only repeated the questions that you failed. Well, I finally came to my final two questions and became frustrated as I kept getting the answer wrong. Finally, I paused, prayed and listened as the Holy Spirit gave me the correct answer.

The next day I had another assessment that didn’t take as long to pass. Because this time I

applied the pause, pray and listen to the Holy Spirit from the beginning. Later I told a coworker, ‘the Holy Spirit doesn’t make mistakes.’

Just think about it when God was in his creative mode, he never had to undo or redo. When Noah built the ark he never had to undo or redo.

PS 18:30 KJV

As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the LORD is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him.

Run away Jonah, persecuting Saul, and rock slapping Moses all learned the hard way that you cannot kick against the prick (Acts 9:5).

“To kick against the prick,” implies someone is resisting and in the process is hitting a sharp object. Pause for a moment and consider our world on the spectrum below:

None ouch……………Some Ouch…………. All


Where would you rank the nation?

The none-ouch mode is the place that God wills for his people to dwell. And he knew the combination of our flesh in the world would result in sin and darkness leaving us between ‘some and all ouch’ mode.

But the righteous remnant can return to living in the none ouch mode, by:

  • repenting of sin
  • accepting Jesus Christ as Saviour/Lord
  • baptized in water
  • baptized with the Holy Spirit

Effectual fervent prayers of the righteous prevail for when Abraham interceded for his family in a distant land some of them were spared. Like Abraham as we pray we should trust the Holy Spirit to give us error free prayers for the 50 States and U.S Virgin Islands and usher more people into the none ouch mode.


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