Men Are Vital To God

Enough noise is not made about Father’s Day.

Society often highlights the negativity of men. But this writing is purposed to encourage the good and positivity of men.

In Genesis 2, we learn from the beginning, the first person God; created in his image, assigned to manage Eden, and formed an help mate for, was a man named Adam.  

Parents rarely admit it, but the first born holds a special place in their heart. Men as first created, formed by God, you hold a special place in Gods heart.

Fact is God only formed Adam, Eve and Jesus. He entrusted the seed from man to be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth.

Often in the Old Testament God used men to move his agenda forward, a few are listed below:

Abraham  – Father of Faith

Moses – Lead the exodus from Egypt

Joseph – Possessed the Promised Land

Gideon – destroyed his Father’s altar to Baal, and

became Israelites champion over Midianites and Amalek

Nehemiah – rebuilt walls around Jerusalem and reestablish the people

Isaiah – prophesied about the Messiah

Gods agenda continued into the New Testament where men were instrumental to bringing the New Covenant into fruition:

– John the Baptist – Forerunner of the gospel

– Joseph – Step-Father of Jesus

– Jesus – Savior of the world, Great Intercessor

– 12 Disciples – followers of Jesus, 11 were present at Pentecost which marked the birthing of the Church

Years ago as a youth coordinator, I remember receiving an urgent call from a single parent that her only son had been beat up by a gang and left on the roof of a two-story project to die. Prior to this occurring we spent countless hours assuring that these young people had a relationship with God. By instilling the word in them, and helping them to learn to pray. These young people were involved in church and

community and unashamed to call on the name of Jesus. So when I walked into the ICU in the natural I saw his frame was brutally beat, but as we cried out in prayer and faith I heard his response to the name of Jesus and in that moment I praised God that he would not be another statistic.  You might ask why was he targeted? I may never know the natural reason. But the devil knew he would live and proclaim for the kingdom of God. 

Remember, the devil is not threatened by his own. He is threatened by those who pursue God’s Kingdom and tries to prevent you from becoming violent (as in excited, Matt 11:12) and taking it by force (working in one accord, Acts 2:1). So forgive me for not realizing why he targets the brethren so hard. You see:

– you bear the seed of generations to come

– once you accept Gods call and learn the weaponry of God you are unstoppable

– you will defy every plot, ploy and scheme because you thru prayer will destroy all the schemes, yokes and bondages past and present.

Recently I awoke wishing the targeting would stop.’  And as I searched for ‘I wish’ in the bible I came to Romans 9, summarizing:

v1–3: the law cannot save

v4–7: not everyone physically born an Israelite will be saved from God’s wrath

v8–18: God can give his mercy to whomever he chooses

v19–24: God as a potter can make items out of the same lump of clay pots for both honorable and dishonorable purposes

v25–33: Gods remnant is living through faith in Christ

So you may ask what happen to the young man that was in ICU brutally beaten.  Today he continues to live in the remnant: he is a worshipper of God, living out his calling, a God-fearing husband and Father, and his seed is also BLESSED!

********MEN YOU ARE VITAL TO GOD********


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