Resurrection Sunday

Children like Easter for the new clothes, candy and egg hunts. Many adults center Easter on the children and enjoy the speeches, skits and plays. Many now refer to Easter as Resurrection Sunday and this change helps us to realize Jesus death, burial and resurrection was not in vain.

What Jesus endured leads me to consider the

called versus the chosen. Truth is many are called but few are chosen. Many should stop running from the call and run to the call.

Phones like generations have changed from phone-space known as  party lines to  dedicated landlines, to phones that you can use on the go known as cell or mobile phones.  We have watched the progression of answering a call using earbuds, watches and rings.

Then there is ‘God’s calling,’ it’s different than a phone call, but it changes not.  We often hear church people say “that person has a calling on their life.”  Some generations don’t understand this expression and may have questions, like:

1) Whose calling whom?

2) How do you know what the calling is?

3) And what is the appropriate way to answer?

4) How do I show God that I’m sincere about my answer?

Matthew 22:14 KJV (King James Version)

14 For many are called, but few are chosen.

Matthew 22:14 ERV (Easy Read Version)

14 “Yes, many people are invited. But only a few are chosen.”

The one who has been with changes, past, present and future is God. 

Some say ‘you don’t know me.’  Truth is man may not but God knows us well. He knows our thoughts, number of hairs on our head, fiber of our being, and number of our days. When he formed us in our Mothers womb he already had a great assignment for each of us. So, you’re right man does not know you. 

Often mans own way results in disobedience, which leads to consequences and lost to include lost of life.  There are many in the bible that we can learn this from:

-Moses, was called to lead the people of Israel to the promised land. God told him to ‘speak to a rock to provide water’ instead ‘Moses struck a rock’ and died.  Instead Joshua and Caleb were chosen to take lead into the promise land.

– Adam and Eve, was called to occupy Eden and ended up being evicted because they sinned. Instead Jesus was chosen.

– Ananias and Sapphira were a married couple who were landowners and members of a Christian community. They were called to be prosperous but they lied to Apostles kept back the tithe from a land sale and died. Whereas  Abraham tithed and became the Father of the faith and prospered.

PS 24:1-2, reminds us:

The earth is the LORD’s, and the fulness thereof; The world, and they that dwell therein. For he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it

upon the floods.

Floods can be water or nonwater. The bible tells us, that:

– we all know the 40 days/night water flood Noah and his family experienced was real. The proof is in the rainbow.

– a waterless flood called pandemic started the end of 2019 and although rigid restrictions have loosened, remnants still exists. The proof is people are still dying from COVID.

People have become complacent about sin, and overlook that it separates us from God.

Isaiah 59 of the Message Bible, states:

12-15 Our wrongdoings pile up before you, God,

    our sins stand up and accuse us.

Our wrongdoings stare us down;

    we know in detail what we’ve done:

Mocking and denying God,

    not following our God,

Spreading false rumors, whipping up revolt,

    pregnant with lies, muttering malice.

Justice is beaten back,

    Righteousness is banished to the sidelines,

Truth staggers down the street,

    Honesty is nowhere to be found,

Good is missing in action.

    Anyone renouncing evil is beaten and robbed.

15-19 God looked and saw evil looming on the horizon—

    so much evil and no sign of Justice.

He couldn’t believe what he saw:

    not a soul around to correct this awful situation.

So he did it himself, took on the work of Salvation,

    fueled by his own Righteousness.

He dressed in Righteousness, put it on like a suit of armor,

    with Salvation on his head like a helmet,

Put on Judgment like an overcoat,

    and threw a cloak of Passion across his shoulders.

He’ll make everyone pay for what they’ve done:

    fury for his foes, just deserts for his enemies.

    Even the far-off islands will get paid off in full.

In the west they’ll fear the name of God,

    in the east they’ll fear the glory of God,

For he’ll arrive like a river in flood stage,

    whipped to a torrent by the wind of God.

20 “I’ll arrive in Zion as Redeemer,

    to those in Jacob who leave their sins.”

        God’s Decree.

From this reading we know we have made the best decision by accepting salvation and being adopted into Gods Kingdom. So now let’s revisit our questions:

1) Whose calling whom? God is calling you

2) How do you know what the calling is? What has he inspired you to do, or what is your passion?

3) And what is the appropriate way to answer?   ‘God use me for your service.’

4) How do I show God that I’m sincere about my answer? Serve – as actions speak louder than words.

Like Queen Esther, God has chosen you for such a time as this. Whatever you do in Gods

Kingdom is your forever Easter Part.


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