Waxed Strong!

Things expire, or become worn, torn or obsolete. But I’m grateful Gods word never expires. The word of God is like leftover spaghetti that taste better the second day as the seasoning settles.

Here it is the week of Christmas and we are remembering the birth of Christ. But I’m also grateful for the Angel Gabriel and for the one who accompanied Jesus, in the person of the Holy Ghost, which is evidenced by:

  • John leaping in the womb
  • Elisabeth while pregnant was filled with the Holy Ghost
  • Zacharias after a period of silence was filled

with the Holy Ghost

Luke 1:80 (refers to John)

 And the child grew, and waxed stronginspirit,and was in the deserts till the day of his shewing unto Israel.

And the child grew, and waxedstronginspirit,filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him.

Say it with me…WAXEDSTRONG!

Last Sunday as I joined the More Than Conquerors Faith Church 4AM MST prayer call only God knew what would occur. After sharing praise reports and inviting them to the SOS Prayer Network Revival, the Holy Spirit gave Elders insight, knowledge and wisdom to sacrifice time, pray and prophetically encourage me.

 God is so gracious toward us that he prepares us for what we don’t know is coming. In addition to the focused prayer time, while viewing the online service the Apostle called for the people holding the standards to align on the platform (see flag order below) and I rejoiced when I saw the strategic positioning of ‘The Blood’ followed by the witty way God used him to expound on olive oil with a decree of Oh-LIVE!

At the time of all this revelation I wasn’t aware that our City Mayor had deemed a State Of Emergency in El Paso, TX due to the surge of immigrants, who are also using manholds as a point of entry. But God set it in order for me to see and hear the Kingdom response before knowing of the problem on earth. To this I say, God let your Kingdom come and your will be done.

There are many prayer ministries praying for this border city. But God being Omniscient (all knowing) assigned us to build a Virtual Prayer Wall that started Saturday January 9, 2021.

As a Prayer Network we see God enlarging territory as we are blessed with God-inspired revivals, monthly themes, psalmist, prayers, outreaches and vigils. Some of you may recall:

  1. 2016 revival theme, “Nehemiah’s Rebuilding The Wall Encourages Us To Rebuild God’s Temple Within.”
  2. 2020 revival theme, 20/20 Kingdom Vision
  3. 2021 Educators Call to Axtion started

playback: https://fccdl.in/e2ALRiMhpz Note: as this was being ministered on the EPVPW this also became relevant to borders

Gods not doing anything different for he changes not. But he is looking for and using willing vessels. Nothing God has allowed to be ministered to us will return void as God wills for us to be waxedstrong.

Our 2023 revival theme, reminds us that we are:

The Army Of God Taking Position On Our Knees, INTERCESSORS!

In Kingdom, being on our knees is a position of total surrender to God…so let’spreparetobewaxedstrong!


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