Yes Lord!

We cry Holy, holy, holy as we bow down at Your feet surrendering our all to You! Like Isaiah, we stand in awe of Your majesty, aware of our own inadequacy and humbled by Your Holiness.We praise You the one and only true GOD!

Your presence surrounds us with Your loving kindness, as the chambers of our heart are quieted to say, “Yes,

Lord, we hear Your voice echoing through the corridors of our souls.” You ask, “Whom shall we send? Who will go for Us?” Oh, how our heart leaps! For in that moment, we recognize our purpose—the divine calling etched upon our very being.

Here we are, Lord. Send us! We confess our sins, our shortcomings, and our frailty. The seraphim’s touch purifies us, washing away the stains that hindered our readiness. Your grace, like a cleansing fire, prepares us for the mission ahead.

Yes, Lord, we are willing. We are eager. We are Yours. Grant us courage to step beyond our comfort, to traverse the rugged paths of obedience. Whether it be in the mundane or the extraordinary, we long to serve You faithfully. Our hands, our feet, our voice—they are Yours.

Here we are, Lord. Send us! As Isaiah proclaimed truth to Israel, may our life echo

Your love to a broken world. May our steps align with Your purpose, our words resonate with Your wisdom. May our heart beat in rhythm with Your heartbeat for humanity.

Yes, Lord, Send us— vessels yielded, lives consecrated. Let our response be unwavering, our commitment unyielding. When doubts assail, remind us of Your faithfulness. When fear creeps in, anchor us in Your promises.

Here we are, Lord. Send us! We surrender anew. Not just once, but daily. For Your calling is not a singular event; it’s a lifelong journey. In the ordinary and extraordinary moments, we choose to say:

Yes, Lord, we are Yours, Send us. In Jesus’ name we pray that our lives, and our purposes—may they glorify You.

In the name of Jesus, who answered the ultimate call, we pray, believe and receive, Amen.!


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